From The Stoop

Untold Stories From Unseen Places

From The Stoop is a media house that brings you Untold Stories From Unseen Places. From The Stoop was born during a visit to Rwanda and Tanzania. Throughout the journey we met people and saw places that changed our perspective on life. We developed an understanding\ appreciation for the good, bad and the ugly. The trip was filled with highs of laughter and community as well as low of sadness accompanied with tears.


Since traveling to Rwanda and Tanzania in 2015 we have seen Cuba, France, Spain, and Portugal. Each country has its own story that needs to be heard. As the famous civil rights activist James Baldwin stated. "I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see”


You can also find us on Instagram at FromTheStoop502. Feel free to contact us about concerns around the world that you feel need to be seen and heard.