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Somebody Tell Weeble I'm Looking For Him

Somebody tell Weeble I’m looking for him!! This has been my slogan on snapchat for the past three years. Since my trip to Spain in 2016, I have been calling him out for a one on one basketball game. It has been on our bucket list to travel around Europe and play basketball. I’m sure we will check it off the list one day. For legal reasons, I have to say “Ball is life” or Weednel would not consent to the usage of the pictures, or the interview.

After three years of trash talking and calling Weednel out. I am sorry to say, but we didn’t play the one on one game. We spent more time talking than playing basketball. So, the epic game has been postponed until my next trip to Gainesville, FL. However, I will continue to trash talk, and call him out. So, follow me on snapchat (Dread23) to see it all.

Did the basketball game go as you planned?

“Mann, when does it ever? It never goes as planned. Sometimes you do more turnovers than you want. Aye but that’s life. You just gotta deal with it. Adjust. Your boy needs to work. I need to work on that game.”

I am not going to say Weednel aka Doug (That’s the name he uses when ordering food) was scared, but he was scared. We went to the park down the street from his place, just to shoot around, and have fun. I must be honest, it started off rough. Air balls, and missed layups filled the first five minutes of playing.

Once I got my rhythm back, I was shooting like the police. I see why he was scared to play me. (Pun intended). It is safe to say we both need to step up our game. I think in 6 months’ time, I’ll get my game back. Then I’ll take another trip, so we can settle the score.

If your life was a movie or a book what would be the title?

“You already know the title. I’m not going to say it, because your already know. Hahaha. Ball is life. The False Story of Weednel Delphonse”

Of course, he would say ball is life. You might not know it, but he already has a movie out about his life. It came out in 2010 and racked over 300 million in Box Office. Do you need more hints? Okay, I won’t make you wait. It’s Megamind. One time in college I was giving Weeble a haircut, and the guard slipped off. Long story short, he went to school the next day with a bald head. I have been calling him Megamind since then. If you ever get a chance, ask him about the YMCA story.

If I had a book, or movie about my life. I don’t know what the title would be. I have worn several hats in my short time on earth. There could be a series of books on my fishing adventures alone. I’ve almost died at least 3 times while fishing. There’s also my love life. I’ve met some wonderful women throughout my life. It would be a romantic drama (Stanley says I’m a sucker for love). Then there’s S.K. (Shun), GPA (Stanley) and Dreadhead (Me). For reference we were something like “The Wood”. If you haven’t seen that movie, it is definitely worth watching.

What are the experiences that made you who you are today?

“Aww man, you know growing up in a one parent household, and having a stubborn brother (Fedney). It was a great experience you know. Growing up in Golden Gate was definitely an experience. I’m grateful for the experience though, because y’all boys really made life fun. If it wasn’t for y’all boys I would’ve been in the house all day. You know me I don’t like leaving the house. No clubbing or nothing. Playing games and watching tv.”

I see no lies here. Weeble spent the majority of the time inside the house playing video games. Just to give you an idea. He had at least 4 NCAA my career profiles that he played faithfully. Along with NBA 2k. If he didn’t have to go to school, he probably wouldn’t leave the house, besides to play basketball.

In my opinion experiences good or bad are the foundation of life. The hard part is figuring out what you need to learn from each experience. Some messages are clear and cut, while others are vague. Also learning how to experience experiences is imperative. Knowing when to let go and enjoy, or to hold back and be mindful.

Have you ever experienced karma?

Mann boy!!! I got it tatted on me for a reason. Karma is real. If you don’t do good, I’ll tell you one thing karma will come get you. I think karma is a part of life, because as long as you do good you get it back in return. I definitely believe in it. Karma trill!”

I don’t know if I have had the privilege to meet karma. I probably have, but I didn’t identify it as that. I have done my share of bad things in life. Bad things have happened to me. However, I remain optimistic no matter what happens. So, whenever karma decides to show up, I’ll be ready for her with a hug, and a kiss.

What have you given up on?

“When I was younger one of my biggest dreams was to play ball for my favorite team the Heat (Miami). But I

already knew that wasn’t going to happen. You gotta dedicate your life to that. But that’s one thing I gave up on, and I don’t regret it either. Because it led to where I need to be right now. Honestly, I haven’t given up on too many things. I try to fight through the struggle.”

You can spend a lifetime chasing your dreams. Very few people can say that they made their dreams a reality. For those who can, countless hours have been spent perfecting their craft. Some dreams take decades to fully develop. I haven’t given up on any of the goals I have set for myself.

There are quite a few things I want to accomplish before I’m laid in the ground. I almost gave up on my dream to become Bassmaster Classic Champion. When I was younger, I noticed many of the tournaments seemed to take place in sundown towns. I never saw one black person in all the fishing tournaments I’ve watched. I plan to be the first black Bassmaster Classic Champion. However, I will embark on this endeavor when I reach forty-five or fifty years of age.

What do you owe yourself?

“I owe myself more time. I always put a set time limit, and I don’t realize that’s it’s restricting the abilities I can gain. Being more patient, and actually trying to develop what I need, to be better. Yea I owe myself more time. And stop putting some much pressure on myself.”

I think people should ask this question more often. Sometimes you beat yourself up over things that you can’t change. Or you let your past influence the way you live your life. The world doesn’t owe you anything. You owe it to yourself to make a life worth living, whatever that looks like for you.

From the outside looking in, it might seem like my life has been filled with trips to amazing places, and wonderful experiences. However, that’s not the full story. Like many people today, I was taught how to survive. I find it fascinating how creative you can be when your resources are limited. Therefore, I need to start living life, and not just surviving from day to day. To live life with frequency, and intensity is what I owe myself.

Do you think a life without suffering is worth living?

“Naw. Without suffering you wouldn’t appreciate the good things. If you live life without suffering, it’s.. a boring life. You gotta do something. You gotta do something. Go start some drama leave the house. Keyboard Gangsters KBG.”

I think living a life without suffering is physically, and mentally impossible. Without true struggles people would label the everyday motion of life as suffering. Yes, I know people already do this. From being stuck in traffic, or not having their phone bill paid by their parents. This is the era of entitlement.

We all have our vices. You might like to gamble. Some people are alcoholics, others get a thrill from shoplifting. My vice is suffering. I’m positive it’s a byproduct of struggling as a child. To clarify, I don’t harm myself physically. I have never been suicidal. There’s too much to live for like fishing.

Being depressed, heartbroken, or hopeless puts me in a sad place. Actually, it puts me in a comfortable place. I got used to struggling so it became normal. I miss the feeling from time to time. But I’m learning to embrace this new phase of life. Success is slowly becoming the new normal.

What was the worst phase in your life?

“Bruh, I went through this phase in high school. It was my senior year. I call it the Great Depression. I was dealing with a lot, and I didn’t know how to handle it. I was recognizing how emotional I was. And I call it the Great Depression, because I was really depressed. The reason I came out of it, is because I learned to say fuck it. Excuse my language. When I learned how to say that. All the pressure went away. I was stressing about the wrong things. Women are going to be there. That’s all I’m going to say. I be stressed, but I ain’t depressed”

I am sure you can remember the time you hit rock bottom. You might be there right now. Sometimes hitting rock bottom is needed for some of us. While rock bottom for others means suicide. Suicide is very fascinating to me. I’ve spent hours trying to grasp the concept of killing oneself. I understand there are some circumstances I will never be able to fully comprehend. Rest easy Robin Williams, and Anthony Bourdain.

I still have bad days from time to time. However, there were several years that were more than rough. When I was in the 4th grade, my room caught on fire, and I lost everything except for the shorts I was wearing. At the time I didn’t understand how this drastic moment would alter my life. I learned that life can be cruel, and remorseless. Also, shout out to Lorenzo for the whitey tighties.

What are things that stand between you and your complete happiness?

“Life. Honestly. I think one of the main things that a lot of people don’t realize. You can stand in your way of your happiness. Yea it’s cliché nowadays, but it’s true. I’m happy as hell right now. I got everything I want right now. I’m not making as much money as I would like but at the same time. I was way worse, so I’m happy.”

Are you happy? Take a second and think. Are you happy? It’s a simple question, but it’s also a scary one. It makes you question and judge your life. Many people will lie, and say “of course I’m happy”, but their eyes say different. I see regret, insecurity, and doubt. To be happy is a lifelong journey that sometimes can’t be reached for some odd reason. The pursuit of happiness is an insightful phrase.

There’s probably one thing that stands between me and my complete happiness, besides that Blue Bell ice cream is not sold worldwide. Like many other kids from the struggle. I just want to take care of my mother. As long as she’s good I can live a happy life. I guess you can say I’m a mama’s boy.

What’s your definition of a real friend?

“I can tell you this right now Y'all boys are some real friends. Because I ain’t the easiest person to deal with. I don’t communicate that’s one thing. I don’t like communicating. That’s just me. Y’all have been rocking with me and Y'all get it. Yall understand me and it’s always love. But other than that, my definition of a real friend is someone that sticks with you because I been around some people that ain’t worth nothing. We are going to be rocking with each other till we die.”

Take a moment and look at the people you have in your circle. How many of them have you been friends with for 5 plus years? Sometimes friendships end for the better. Lifestyles change, people move on and outgrow each other. But that does not change all the great moments you spent together with that person.

This year I am focusing on building stronger relationships with my friends and family. Last week I told my little sister I love her. She asked if I was okay, because I am never mushy. I laughed for a few seconds. I can count on two hands how many times I’ve told her I love you. The same goes for my mom, but they know I love them, and will do anything for them. It’s going to be a long year of hugs, kisses, and ILYs so be ready.

What makes you see greatness in me?

“Man, Tony Tony Tony. It’s the fact that you're always on the go. You don’t sit still. Even when you’re chilling you got something on your mind. Always working on something. When we were playing ball in college together. You were always working on your game. You weren’t going to the league, but it didn’t matter. You were going to perfect your craft. You have a passion for life it’s not just for things. You want to experience life. That’s greatness in itself. And everybody sees that you’re going to be great. Everyone I talk to “Yea Tony is going to be great”. Not everybody sees greatness in somebody, but everybody sees it in you.”

I am sure you have met an individual that changed the way you looked at life. It might be the way they talk, or their presence when they enter a room. For some reason, you know this person has something special about them. These are the individuals that give you hope that change is possible in this chaotic world we live in. Do your best to protect them and keep them close.

Throughout my life, people have told me that I am talented, and I will do great things. I remember someone told a friend that I am going to waste my talents on fishing. This statement might be true, if I die while fishing. Maybe I am being modest, but I don’t consider myself to possess greatness. Honestly, I am just living life on my terms and conditions. If I want to do something, then I set out to do it.

Weeble made a statement that was directed at me. “Some people have dreams that are bigger than they need to be.” I want to change the world for the better through several avenues that I am currently working on. There is a saying “For every promise there is a price to pay”. Unfortunately, the price I am paying is a huge one. I have missed more birthdays than I have attended, spent countless holidays away from loved ones, and I’ve embraced solitude. He might be right. So, if you see Weeble tell him I’m looking for him.


Stone cold floors made warm for sleep.

Pillows and sheets cover head to feet

Bittersweet tears roll down each cheek

Quietly watching the little one sleep.

A hug and a kissed saved for lonely days

Three simple words the ears always crave

Flowers arrive every October and May

More than three hundred days gone away.

The path I took was dark and bleak

Each day I prey until I reach the peak

A mother’s dream sacrificed for me

A mother’s dream sacrificed for me

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